"95% of our lives are lived unconsciously." New Scientist Magazine

Discover Specific Daily Practices that Eliminate Blocks to Abundance, Success, and Happiness.

And unlock your true potential.

Do you often wonder why creating a life of ease, abundance, and happiness feels so hard?

It's as if invisible barriers hold you back from your fullest potential and happiness, right?

When opportunities for more money, success, or a better life show up, do doubts and fears make you worry it won't last?

Or perhaps you start making progress, like launching a new business or exploring exciting ideas, only to lose momentum just as things start to take shape!

(Like you have just enough talent to start great things, but not enough to soar, you know?)

And it all leaves you with a whole lot of frustration.

I hear you.

If This Resonates with You, You Might be Experiencing What I Call ‘Growth Blocks'.

It's exactly as it sounds - something blocking you from growing and expanding in areas of your life like money abundance, love (self-love included), success, a thriving business, and more.

Growth Blocks are deep-seated barriers, formed by past influences and negative experiences, that subtly undermine your efforts to attract and maintain abundance and happiness.

You may not even know they're there.

This is where Advanced Manifesting comes in...

I gathered techniques, exercises, and practices that unlock your ability to influence the life you experience. Yes, I mean manifest!

Think of yourself on a straight road. All you have to do is stay on that road and it will take you where you want to go.

But the road is litered with debris. So much that you can't get through. You get stuck and give up. Or get off the road alltogether, frustrated and disappointed.

The debris is the Growth Blocks. We all have them. But most of us never learn how to get past them.

All the tools inside Advanced Manifesting help you identify and remove Growth Blocks, build new neural pathways, and tap into your ability to manifest the life you truly desire.

Day by day, you begin to raise your vibration, shift your frequency, and resonate with the frequency of money abundance, love, success, and happiness...whatever it is you want to create.

Here’s the thing… Growth Blocks can stem from a myriad of deeply personal and often painful experiences.

Perhaps you’ve lost confidence after years of setbacks, or you carry the emotional scars from broken relationships.

Maybe you’re struggling with the fear of getting older, losing youth, worried that you’ve missed your prime, or struggling with loneliness and a loss of purpose.

Personal Story: I've been working on manifesting friends that live locally, so I can spend more in-person time with people I enjoy being around.

But I live rurally. I mean waaay out in a mountain valley, a good hour from a major city.

I recently followed the nudges, joined a group in a city quite a ways away thinking there's no way I'll meet anyone who lives out here.

But I did. Matter of fact, two women who live in my small town! Now, we're meeting for coffee, dinner, and have plans to go hiking, and have a ton of fun. I couldn't have asked for better friends!

If I had continued to listen to my inner thougths and stayed in my old habits, letting my own Growth Blocks keep me locked into living a small life, not shifting my frequency and intention, I wouldn't have met them.

"Too many of us live our days out of habit, not intention. And if we are unaware of our patterns, beliefs, and emotional needs, how can we possibly live our best life?" Mike Foster.

Such Blocks are Often Rooted in:

  • Loss of Confidence: After repeated failures or lack of recognition. (This can happen as we get older too.)
  • Emotional Damage from Past Relationships: Which can make it hard to trust or invest in new relationships or opportunities. (You might assume rejection is everywhere.)
  • Aging Concerns: Believing that age makes you less relevant or capable of achieving new goals. (Like you're disappearing!)
  • Loneliness: Which can lead to a spiral of isolation and decreased motivation. (This is a big deal for entrepreneurs!)
  • Loss of Purpose: Feeling directionless, especially after major life changes such as retirement or the kids leaving the nest. (Or divorce <been there>, losing a job, or family demands.)
  • Feeling Insignificant: The creeping doubt that your actions no longer have the weight or impact they should or could.
  • Low-Growth Business: Struggling to turn business ideas into reality, facing challenges around getting clients and growing.
  • Underutilized Talents: Feeling that your skills and capabilities are not being fully acknowledged or utilized, whether in personal projects or professional settings or gifts and callings.

In Advanced Manifesting, I give you tools and practices

to remove blocks, rewire your brain, and reshape your identity into someone who effortlessly attracts everything you desire. I help you set your intentions, bring your attention to what matters, and expect the outcome you desire. Here's what you'll see inside:

9 Bite-Sized Lessons on How Advanced Manifesting Works

Learn how Advanced Manifesting can seriously change your game.

Worksheets, Exercises, and Planners

Tools to put those big ideas into action, making the abstract concrete.

Manifestation Maps for a Quick Start

Quick, effective strategies for specific areas of your life. Less wandering, more manifesting.

Results-Based Meditations

Guided meditations with an embedded framework that creates results.

Advanced Manifesting Techniques

Take the inner journeys that lead to external results. (The ancients knew them, now you do too!)

71-Affirmations Digital Deck

Print and place where you can see them daily, these reminders help you make permanent changes in your life.

Manifestation Scripts

Your ticket to living your freedom story.

Monthly Manifesting Challenges

These are your monthly accountability check-ins, ensuring you're consistently aligned with and actively working toward what you want to change or create in your life.

What if you could wake tomorrow, knowing the blocks that once held you back are gone?

Imagine your thoughts and actions flowing freely towards your dreams without any inner resistance. (Woah! That would be incredible, right?)

What would it be like to look in the mirror and truly see the powerful, fulfilled person you're meant to be?

What would it be like to see yourself certain of achieving everything you’ve ever wanted, whether it's thriving in your relationships, building a successful business, or simply enjoying a deep sense of peace and happiness?

Here's how the Advanced Manifesting membership works:


Login and start the Advanced Manifesting tutorial.

Get the basics


Begin your daily practices

(You can choose different advanced techniques, meditations, and scripts - they’re all designed to help remove Growth Blocks)


Join the AM community.

Where I lead monthly Manifesting Challenges and answer your questions so you can concentrate your energy and intention toward an expected outcome.


Watch for new tools dropped each month.

Your library continues to grow monthly. You’re never without the tools that work.

With all of these resources at your fingertips, it means you can:

  • Find Advanced Techniques to fit you and every situation: Access a comprehensive library of advanced manifesting techniques that go beyond the basics, providing you with the tools to navigate and shape the life you desire. (Get a new Advanced Manifesting Technique every month!)
  • Shift the negative self-talk with manifesting scripts: Manifesting scripts designed to quiet the negative self-talk, and align your intentions with your actions, so you can rewire your brain to go find what you want. (Get a new manifesting script every month!)
  • Elevate your energy with Guided Meditations: Dive into a collection of results-based meditations that not only calm your mind but also attune your energy to the frequencies of abundance, success, love, happiness, and well-being. (Get a new meditation every month!)
  • Stay motivated with a Manifesting Community: Get supported in a community that keeps you focused and on track, helping you to consistently apply what you've learned and see real changes. (Participate in a Manifesting Challenge every month.)

I’ll be there to guide and go through the challenge side by side with you. Have questions? I’ll answer them.

I created Advanced Manifesting from years of personal research, application, and study. I’ve worked with 3 Manifesting Mentors to date and now I’m sharing all the wisdom with you!

Learn the techniques that have completely changed my life.

Who is the Advanced Manifesting Membership for?

You've clung to those comfortable jeans a bit too long, knowing they don’t fit who you are anymore. It’s time for a refresh.

You're tired of the same old routines that aren’t serving you anymore. You're ready to shake things up, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable at first.

You’ve shelved big dreams for too long. It’s time to create a life and success that is all yours, just for you. No more hiding, just doing.

You're done watching from the sidelines. Now, it's your turn to lead with your heart, use your gifts, and make impactful changes in your life and others’.

Michelle Sera, author, coach,

mentor, and your biggest fan.

I Was Once Told...

If You Can't Manage Your Mind and and Remove Growth Blocks, You'll forever Struggle to Succeed.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Michelle Sera, founder of ElevatedMind ®, a company built to inspire you to create the life and business you desire, no matter your age, stage, or starting point.

I started ElevatedMind ® after 15+ years of working behind the scenes in the marketing of multi-million dollar coaching companies. During that time, I also coached people through company marketing programs that ranged from $2K to $100K, sometimes flying people in to spend a weekend with me for intense implementation and training.

I found that it didn't matter who you were, how much you spent, or how badly you needed to "succeed". If you can't manage your mind and beliefs, or remove growth blocks, you'll forever struggle with success. I recognized the same patterns in myself.​

At the intersection of mindset and belief, when managed, something incredible begins to happen. Your attraction point shifts and the effort you have to exert to create what you want lessens. It was in the witnessing of this that I realized, therein lies the true human potential.​

So I sought out knowledge, mentors and training to help on the level of thought, vibration, happiness, state of mind, and aligned action. The results of this have been life-changing.​

When you work from the point of belief, everything else follows. It's that simple. You really can create the life and business you desire.

Advanced Manifesting is the first level of work at ElevatedMind ®.

We love holding the space for you to create your deepest desires.

Advanced Manifesting is full of resources for you to tap into every single day.

  • The 9-lesson Advanced Manifesting Course
  • Advanced Manifesting Techniques
  • Worksheets, Exercises, Planners
  • Manifestation Maps
  • Results-Based Meditations
  • Guided Affirmations & Visualizations
  • 71-Affirmations Digital Card Deck
  • Manifestation Scripts
  • Monthly Manifesting Challenges
  • Fresh, New Monthly Content
  • Extra Gift: Imposter Syndrome 5-Day Shift
  • Extra Gift: Business Success Attraction Bundle

All for $29 a month.

You can cancel at any time.

(But I hope you never want to.)

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